How To Qualify For Dental Surgery

Not everyone has access to premium dental insurance, which is the main reason why so the majority of people have a hard time paying for dental work. Yet with Nevada Dental, there are plethora of dental procedure loans to help patients pay their medical and dental bills. These loans for dental work are affordable and highly flexable, with lots of dental procedure financing options that keep monthly payments and interest rates low.

We at Nevada Dental are aware that dental procedures are paramount to staying healthy especially for your heart. Having a healthy teeth also adds to a patients overall self confidence , which is the reason our dental procedure loans are available to individuals of all classes and credit histories. Unlike other medical finance companies that have dental work plans, Nevada Dental offers very low, extremely competitive interest rates for all of our potential customers. While the higher the credit score, the lower the interest rate, we are also able to offer moderate rates for those individual patients with bad credit. If you do have bad credit we always recommend looking at tradelines for sale as an option to boost your credit score which in turn will lower your finance charges. Tradelines are seasoned accounts on a 3rd parties credit profile that can be used to add positive credit to yours.

The vast majority of our potential customers find that even if they have had their applications rejected by other dental procedure financing companies, Nevada Dental is here to help finance your dental procedures. To initiate the process , just fill out an online financing application. In just minutes, you’ll be granted an initial approval and you can start reviewing the loan options that are best suited for your financial situation.

If you’re initial approval is not granted, there’s still no reason to be concerned. Since our customer service representatives are experienced and very skilled, we reach out to all the top lenders that can help with your personal situation. In these cases, using a co-signer may be the best option. Financing dental work shouldn’t be a tough process, which is why we have a great network of providers and lenders in place, as well as a experienced team of consultants. Try Nevada Dental  Finance today and get the dental procedure loans you need to make a positive change in your life.If you are interested in increasing your credit score please visit for more information.

Five tips to help patients afford the treatment they need

It’s tax season, and most of us have been going over our budgets for the previous year. Where happened to all the money? What did it go towards? Why is my savings account running on empty?

Your patients have the same issues and concerns.. So is it really a huge shock that have not set aside a budget for dental services? They don’t have the means to buy many of the things they want for themselves and their families, so why would your patients have budgeted for dental treatment, particularly when so many patients still view routine checkups as unnecessary?To further complicate matters, many patients may have no access to credit and require assistance from Dallas credit repair services to get their financial profiles in good standing.

The good news is that this isn’t the end of the world for your prospective patients. In fact, there are some outstanding ways we can do to help your patients afford the price of their sessions – whether it’s getting new braces or a complete overhaul with dental implants. Here are some great ways to help customers realize that dentistry is not cost prohibitive and that the overall expense can be absorbed without breaking the bank.

#1 – Offer outside patient financing


Patient financing through CareCredit, , Chase, Citibank, and other institutions often provides patients with a reduced or suspended interest rate if they can pay off the balance within a certain time frame.Also, these financing programs add tradelines to credit report which can help customers diversify their active accounts and build credit history.

That’s an extremely powerful incentive. Even if the financing plan you offer does not provide this, keep in mind that there are patients who do not have a credit card or enough available credit on their card to use it for something like dental implants or vineers.


#2 – ALWAYS discuss fees in advance

When it comes to fees, always discuss the total cost of services in advance. It’s good ethical practice and an integral part of building a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

I realize that this may sound like common practice, and perhaps you feel like you’ve already been doing this, but the question is are you really doing this on a daily basis in a formal setting. Discussing pricing isn’t something that should be done as you or your dental hygienist is busy cleaning your patients teeth. Sit them down in your office  and clearly go over the expense of your specific treatment.

#3 – Present multiple treatment options

People prefer to have multiple options. They give us the feeling that we’re in complete control of the process. When we are invited to spend our hard earned money, options help reassure us that we’re being given the best information possible so that we can make an informed decision rather than having a decision forced upon us by our dentist .

#4 – Always consider the patient’s readiness

Patients are not ready to learn about how bad their oral health is, let alone how expensive it’s going to be to restore their smile. They need to be ready for such a big decision, and that takes a slow approach to gaining their trust and loyalty as you take them through the process.

#5 – Offer in-house membership programs

Dental savings programs are very popular these days because they create perceived value for your customers as they combine services into an attractive price, providing trust with your client. Today’s patients have become accustomed to these value oriented membership programs from retailers like Sam’s Club, and to the value of bundling services at a great price point.

Nevada Dental Open For Business

It’s official.Nevada Dental is open for business and ready to make this a fantastic year.Our specialists are ready to get to work and provide excellent service and education for the entire community.We have relocated our main office to Henderson,NV and are extremely excited about our new staff and facilities.Dr.Scott J.Kazmir has been planning and leading the way in our new endeavor here in the Valley with the help of Trinity Builders and their great job remodeling our new Dental Clinic.We will be posting pictures from our grand opening party next week so stay tuned and try to make it down if you have time.

Our new staff will be contributing to our news magazine here at Nevada Dental News and our future articles and industry updates are sure to be very informative as well as educational and inspiring.As we get our clinic launched here in the greater Las Vegas area we will be sharing stories and experiences from our clients including before and after pictures and reviews of popular dental products such as Invisalign,Lumineers,Porcelain Vineers,and Dental Implants.Our magazine will serve as extension of our business to give a revealing inside look at all day to day elements of operating a dental practice and how our clients interact with us.


We will be assembling a nationwide association of dental professionals to contribute to our magazine as well as give expert direction in research and development in the dental industry.Our clinic will have a full time editor to oversee all aspects of our magazine and will be available to answer any inquires from potential patients regarding new cutting edge products and surgical procedures.When we decided to launch our magazine in conjunction with the launch of our new clinic we had one goal in mind.That goal was to not only serve our patients with the most professional services but to also educate the general public and pioneer new and amazing techniques in dentistry.